What We Do


We are a permitted hazardous waste treatment facility that uses thermal desorption technology to destroy a wide range of hydrocarbon contaminants associated with a waste material.  Whether it is hazardous or non-hazardous waste – comprised of contaminated soil, sediment or sludge – our environmentally responsible, cost-effective process is a complete solution to meet your industry waste management needs.

Customer Support

Envirogreen Technologies Ltd. will ensure waste is received, and treated in accordance with governing regulations and requirements. Our experienced customer support team works with our customers to provide timely information and guidance so they remain compliant with regulations, and their projects can be run efficiently and on budget. Our customer focused support includes, but is not limited to waste receiving, tracking, reporting and transboundary permit applications. Envirogreen Technologies Ltd. continually works to ensure a high level of communication keeping customers satisfied with a detail-oriented and proactive approach.


Our thermal desorption technology treats waste at temperatures high enough to volatilize hydrocarbons which are then “captured” and used as fuel in the oxidizer portion of the thermal desorption treatment process.

Hydrocarbon contaminated soil, sediment and sludge is treated using our thermal desorption process resulting in a clean material used for mine site reclamation which eliminates the need for ongoing management of residues.

Materials We Process Include:

  • Gasoline / Diesel Fuel / Jet Fuel Contaminated Soils
  • Bunker-C / Crude Oil Contaminated Soils
  • Lube Oil, Hydraulic Oil Contaminated Soils
  • Petroleum Tank Bottoms
  • Waste Oil Contaminated Soils
  • Refinery Tank Bottoms
  • Slop Tank Cleaning Solids
  • Settling Pond Sludges and Bottoms
  • Coal Tar and Creosote Contaminated Soils (PAHs)
  • Activated Carbon

Please contact us for materials not listed above.


We are the only permitted hazardous waste thermal treatment facility in British Columbia, Canada. Envirogreen Technologies Ltd. has maintained its permit since 1998.

Cost Effective

Envirogreen Technologies Ltd. offers a complete liability removal thermal treatment service at the price quoted with no hidden costs. Clients are required to complete a Waste Approval Application prior to obtaining a quote for thermal treatment of their industrial waste.

Environmentally Conscious

Our process removes hydrocarbons from waste, reuses it as fuel, and uses the treatment residue by utilizing it in soil used for mine site reclamation.  There is no long-term landfill management of treatment residues.

Open Year-Round

We can accommodate any size project at any time of the year. All trucks are received and offloaded in minutes to ensure quick turnaround time and allow for transport equipment to be returned promptly. Envirogreen Technologies Ltd. will work with clients and their transporters to ensure clear communication to avoid delays.

Contact us to assist with your waste management needs.


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